We’re a startup with primary offices in Ostrava area, the third largest city in the Czech Republic. Our highly qualified team specializes in large scale web application development. We work in a friendly, open and relaxed environment but also enjoy a challenge, and so we take on very demanding projects. As we grow, we’re constantly looking for creative and dynamic talent. If you’re interested, please review our current openings and see if a position seems like a good fit for you. If you decide to work together with us on all the interesting projects we take on, we can offer you a huge variety of upsides and amenities. We facilitate an open-minded vibe where you can realize your own ideas and live out your creativity and enjoy flexible work hours. This is very important to foster a dynamic start-up environment, where “work” is more than “work”. It’s an exchange of ideas, mutual learning and most importantly, good fun. Let’s grow together.

Our Stack

We’re building state of the art web applications which offer interactive and responsive user experiences to millions of customers. Our technology stack is tailored to serve advanced applications at the highest speeds. We combine powerful and proven open source technologies like Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcached or Node.js. These and various other services are built-in and readily accessible through our PHP application framework. We continuously put effort into high quality code and we automate everything we need to do more than once, be it deploying infrastructure configuration or linting and testing code.

Company Blog

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PHPSpec Drive Emergent Design

BDD, Spec BDD, phpspec are all trending topics since quite some time now. It's about time to give a look to phpspec and compare it to what we're used to do with TDD with PHPUnit.

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US Business Trip

This year our team members of SiteWays went across the big pond to meet some of our partners and attend conventions in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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Responsive Web Design

The idea behind responsive design is basically to provide one design for all possible output devices, meaning desktops, smartphones, tablets (screen sizes and resolutions).

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Benchmarking WebSocket Servers

We're using WebSocket connections to provide real-time information to the users of our PHP web application. A year ago we implemented a solution based on the WebSocket-emulation layer Socket.IO.

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