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Large-Scale Web Development, Marketing and Hosting

About Us

We’re a startup company from the Netherlands with primary offices in The Netherlands, Serbia, Romania and Czech Republic. Our highly qualified team specializes in large scale web application development. We work in a friendly, open and relaxed environment but also enjoy a challenge, and so we take on very demanding projects. As we grow, we’re constantly looking for creative and dynamic talent. If you’re interested, please review our current openings and see if a position seems like a good fit for you. If you decide to work together with us on all the interesting projects we take on, we can offer you a huge variety of upsides and amenities.

We facilitate an open-minded vibe where you can realize your own ideas and live out your creativity and enjoy flexible work hours. This is very important to foster a dynamic start-up environment, where “work” is more than “work”. It’s an exchange of ideas, mutual learning and most importantly, good fun. Let’s grow together.

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What We Do


Our developers work alongside the project’s lead designer and content strategist to strike the perfect balance between presentation and performance—ensuring the highest level of design accuracy and user experience.

Data Analysis

There are no lucky guesses, just research-driven, strategic recommendations. To transform unknown, obscure prospects into familiar audience personas requires a combination research with your team and our expertise.


All businesses seek revenue growth. This can be achieved by expanding your offering and reach within your existing client base, or achieving new customer sales. Direct selling will deliver results. But if you want to scale your business effectively, you need to support your sales efforts with marketing that generates results.


Support when you need it. Keeping you online and connected.


The latest and most reliable technology, 99.9% uptime and fast local service.


Got a great idea for a program or app? Make your concept a reality.